Hallis Origins 35mm and 45mm Curtain poles

Origins, curtain poles with a different edge.
15 Aug 18

Origins 35mm, 45mm Wood Corded and Uncorded Curtain Poles by Hallis Hudson. Origins wood curtain poles are lovingly hand-crafted in the UK. 
Origins combines simple elements of nature with inspiration from the smooth and clean lines of Zen gardens, creating a collection of six finials and six colourways which breathes calm and tranquility into any room.

* Available in 35mm and 45mm diameter. 
* Uncorded curtain poles sets are supplied with rings, finials and cup brackets. 
* Curtain poles of 3.0m and above are supplied in two pieces with a joining screw and a centre bracket. 
* Curtain poles are available up to 4.2m in length. 
* 45mm curtain poles are available with curtain rings or as a corded curtain pole with a track and glider system. 
* Wood brackets, Metal brackets, Recess Brackets, Curtain rings and Holdbacks are available to purchase separately. 
* Corded poles and standard poles can be made to exact size required at no extra charge.