Wooden Curtain Poles

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View all of our Wooden Curtain Poles Here. In this department you can View our entire range of wooden curtain poles. Here you will find the largest selection of wood curtain poles available on the internet. Diameters available from 28mm to 63mm. With lengths up to an extra long 6m. These include traditional style wood curtain pole styles in wood colours such as Mahogany, Pine, Oak, Teak and Walnut. Also with a range of painted wood and special effect wood curtain poles for you to create your own look. We think that whatever your home decor style you will find a wooden or wood effect curtain pole to suit.
See below and choose from Traditional wooden curtain poles, Painted and Special effect wooden curtain poles, Luxury and Designer wooden curtain poles, Extra long wooden curtain poles and also the wood corded versions.
Our Wooden Curtain Pole suppliers include Advent Designs, Byron and Byron, Cameron Fuller, Resina Designs, Renaissance, Sunflex, Jones, Integra.
If you are looking for a particular Wooden Curtain Pole or wood effect and you can not find it on this site please contact us, we have a huge range of wood curtain poles that can be made in our bespoke wooden curtain pole department.
If you are unsure of Colour please request a sample curtain ring.

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