Roman Blind Kits

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Roman Blind Kits. In This department you will find a selection of Roman Blind Kits and special effects tracks such as Roman Blinds, Austrian Blinds & Festoon blinds. If you are looking to use your own fabric for your roman blind, then these kits will be the ideal solution. 
We have all the major brands such as Silent Gliss, Hallis Hudson, Jones Interiors, Speedy Products, Renaissance and more. 
Roman Blinds also have many different styles, we have the original Cord drawn or Chain driven blinds, but recently more systems such as Electric, solar and remote control blinds are becoming more common.
Some of the key features to our Roman Blind Kits are:
Some Kits are available up to 300cm
Choices of Chain Colour
Left or Right Hand operation
Mains Electric or Battery powered
Remote Control
Some are Made to Measure and can be made to your exact size


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