Universal Curtain Poles

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Universal Curtain Poles, a superb collection of wood and metal curtain poles, all available in popular and modern colour finishes. 
Universal curtain poles have been around for years, and as part of the Hunter Douglas group, they are part of the Swish and Harrison Drape family. The designs are tried and tested, simplicity and practicality along with Universals main strength, affordability.
Easily fitted metal curtain poles such as the 19mm and the 28mm Extendable curtain poles make fitting curtain poles easy for those with limited DIY skills.
Standard length metal and wood poles also join the ranges, with both traditional metal and wood finishes.
Universal are have a corded track in the range, making Universal ,Versatile.
There is a choice of metal or wood, diameters, fixed, eyelet, extendable and bay window curtain poles to suit most requirements and budgets.

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