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Painting a room is more than just a colour, its about bringing a personal touch to the room, and make it feel like a home. 
With the clever use of colours you can transform a dull boring home into a place of tranquillity, or just simply bringing colours together to make rooms work in colour as well as function. 
With new paint making techniques and processes, many of the manufacturers out there are now turning to Eco Friendly Paint, with either Water Based or Vegetable oil Based paints, that are now starting to out perform the older Oil Based paints.
Paint can vary in quality from Brand to brand and hers at Just Sew Interiors we work hard to secure brands that exceed in quality.
Browse the Paint department to find paint colours to suit any application, including Walls, Ceilings, Bathrooms, Floors, Woodwork, Exterior and Interior Gloss, Emulsion, Eggshell, Masonry, Lime wash, Distemper paint and many more.
Use the website filters to help you sort the colours into a palette of your choice, and once the colour is selected, find the correct type of paint.

* We cannot accept returns on paint as it is tinted to order *


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