Mix & Match Curtain Poles

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Mix & Match Curtain Poles with endless choices.
Here you will find a selection of Mix and Match curtain poles that can be purchased in component form allowing you to create your own unique curtain pole to suit your home. Many mix and match poles can be used in bay windows or can be part of the extra long curtain pole selection.
As components can be purchased separately, the choice of adding extra rings and brackets to increase strength and hold more curtain is always an option.    
Follow these steps to create your own curtain pole from our Mix & Match ranges.....
1. Choose the finial.
2. Choose the colour/size pole you need. See our Measuring Guide for advice.
3. Choose the brackets. Poles up to 1.8m long need 2, poles 1.8m - 3.6m long need 3.
4. Choose curtain rings if needed (usually 10 rings per metre of pole)
If you are unsure of Colour or finish please request a sample.
Browse this department to find complete ranges of mix and match curtain poles.
Please note it is not advisable to mix components from different ranges and manufacturers, please ask for advice if unsure.

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