Extendable Curtain Poles

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Extendable Curtain Poles. Telescopic and Extendable poles are the ideal solution when you prefer not to or do not have the ability to cut your curtain pole to the exact size required. 
We realise that not everyone is able to cut down a curtain pole to fit the window therefore we have created this department selling Telescopic & Extendable metal curtain pole sets. 
Extendable curtain poles are made up of two slightly diffrent size curtain poles, that simply slide inside of each other. The simple design makes it so easy to fit, and with minimal DIY skills, everyone can have an extendable curtain pole at the window.

All curtain poles in this department come in 2 halves and are connected together in the centre (one pole slotted inside the other with a protective sleeve.) This makes them easy to adjust to the correct desired width of your window.

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