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Advent Curtain Poles from Advent Designs. Advent Designs....are a "sister" company of the the well established and respected, family owned company RESINA DESIGNS. Advent Designs have deliberately chosen to focus on a carefully selected number of designs and finishes, all taken from the "The ADVENT COLLECTION" ... a superb and extensive portfolio, which perfectly compliments the wonderful RESINA CLASSICAL COLLECTION, also available, exclusively, on this site. As a result, you now have the opportunity to purchase an exquisite, hand crafted....genuine RESINA curtain a price that offers superb value for money.

* All HAND MADE in their own studio, here in the UK.
* Genuine, HARDWOOD POLES are used throughout and all are UK sourced.
* All their painted poles are finished using water based paints only and their wood stained poles are finished using genuine French Polishing techniques. These traditional methods give their poles a genuine, crafted finish, that is difficult to achieve using more mechanical methods.
* Gold or Silver highlights can be specified. (Additional surcharge will apply.)
* Choice of wooden or Metal brackets
* 47mm curtain poles can also be CORDED & TRACKED to allow a corded curtain pole contact us for a quote.
* Curtain poles of 3.3m and above are supplied in 2 equal lengths.
* Poles of 4.8m and above. will be supplied with 5 brackets. These are not passing brackets.
* Poles can be cut to length at no extra charge.
* VERSATILITY Choose from many more designs and finishes from their extensive portfolio. Most are available, exclusively on this site and many offered at no extra cost. Additionally their curtain poles can be finished in other manufactures paints such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Little Green, Zoffany etc Contact us for a quote.
Whilst poles direct from ADVENT DESIGNS are certainly less expensive than similar designs found in the RESINA CLASSICAL, made-to-measure collections, Advent`s commitment to both quality and attention to detail remains the same. Which ever poles and accessories you choose, you may rest assured that you will have chosen a superbly crafted product, the design and quality of which will endure the the test of time.

If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample.
As all these poles are hand applied and made-to-order, some small variations in colour may occur.
Please note Made to Measure Terms apply on all Advent products. Please allow 10-14 working days for delivery.

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