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Prestigious Textiles was founded by Trevor Helliwell in 1988, Prestigious Textiles has earned an outstanding reputation for the originality and quality of its furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.
The Prestigious Textiles Group headquarters is an impressive 75,000 ft2 complex in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Prestigious have one of the largest facilities of its type in Europe, the distribution centre is a busy place, and is always stocked with the latest trends. Prestigious textiles have a huge warehouse able to hold some five million metres of fabric in stock and with a monthly capacity of 500,000 metres or more. Prestigious have managed to ensure they have surround themselves with quality products and designs, served with a fast and efficient warehouse-distribution team, this has been the true ingredients to success, and becoming a favourite with the trade, interiors designers and also the retail sector. Now, as ever, new collections are developed all year round, with Prestigious's vastly experienced design team constantly exploring fresh directions in concepts and colour.
Such a continuously rolling creative programme ensures that the Prestigious Textiles portfolio stays both wide-ranging and trend-leading, with quality always in mind.Yet, after three decades, Prestigious Textiles is still this family-run business, and also continues to demonstrate that quality and flair never go out of fashion. VIEW THE FULL RANGES OF FABRICS HERE.

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