Ready to go Bay Window

looking for a pre packed bay pole, we have the answer
13 Jul 22
With may of us looking for the cost effective bay window option, the custom bent rail or pole is just not right for the budget. 
Custom made poles are more expensive than these pre packed goodies, as they may offer possibly a better fit that's perfectly measures for your bay, and they have a better functionality. 
But don't be put off these gems, if your looking for an affordable pole , these may be the answer. Many of the pre packed or pre configured pole sets on offer will fit most pay sizes, as some kits easily manage to cover 500cm of window space. 
With a clever selection of standard brackets, and rings, these are mixed with the Passover ring and brackets, these allow the use of the corner joints to get you around the corners. 
Hallis Hudson have ranges such as the NEO, the Neo is a huge range that covers 19mm,28mm and 35mm diameters, with all the components to make up many of the popular bay windows shapes. 
Swish have also thrown their hat in the ring, with poles sets up to 500cm, using the Design Studio range as a base for the poles and finials, and introducing the Passover rings and brackets. 
 The pre boxed Bay Window Pole Sets are great value for money, but we do recommend that you read more about them, and find out if the y are right for you, as they are better for dressing the windows with occasional use.



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