Prestigious Textiles Perspective Wallpaper

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Prestigious Textiles Perspective Wallpaper. The Perspective wallpaper collection has been designed to compliment the collection of Perspective fabrics, with an eclectic mix of textures and pattern.
The two feature designs Sculptor and Grayson have been embellished with an embossed finish to enhance their three-dimensional effect. The metallic theme runs across the coordinating designs and magnifies their sculpted look. Etch is the textured semi plain that allows you to add a corresponding colour to your room, in shades ranging from natural tones, damson shades to cerulean.

* Available in 5 Designs: Chisel, Engrave, Etch, Grayson and Sculptor.

* We always recommend ordering samples of wallpapers before placing an order if you are unsure of colour or finish.
* Please note we are unable to accept returns on Part Orders, any returning wallpapers must be returned in a full order and unopened within 28 days.

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