Rings & Curtain Hooks

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With the variety of curtain hooks and rings available, you can find a way to hang curtains or drapes for almost any look you want to achieve and also spares to create roman blinds etc..
Once you've determined the type of curtain, curtain header, and curtain pole or track you'll use, choose the appropriate hooks to hang your curtains.
When trying to choose the best curtain hooks, the first priority is to make sure the hooks will hold the curtains in place.
With a variety to choose from the Brass and Zinc are a professional fitters favorite for the heavy weight curtains.
UPVC or Plastic are the better choice for voiles and nets, due to them being sometimes thin, the white hook will bend into the fabric.

The curtain rings are also made from various materials such as Plastic and brass, these are the perfect ring for making roman blinds etc

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