Bay Window Curtain Poles

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Bay Window Curtain Poles. Browse the Bay Window Curtain Pole department to find complete ranges of Bay window curtain poles and bay window solutions.
Some of these bay window curtain pole departments also have straight curtain poles, Double curtain poles and Eyelet curtain as well as bay window curtain poles to compliment each other in rooms that require both types of poles.
Some of the ranges below are also sold in component form allowing you to create your own pole set ie : L-shape windows.
We cater for the most popular bay window shapes however it’s impossible to show every window design on our website.
If you need a curtain pole bending to suit your bay window the Silent Gliss product or Renaissance Distinction are all straight poles but can be bent to suit all types and shapes.
Help and Advice
If you need help using our site, measuring your window or choosing the right product, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our office staff are trained in the bending and assembly of our products and can offer specialist advice to ensure you receive an exact fit.