Rolls Woodline 28mm, 35mm Curtain Pole, Rosewood

Rolls Woodline 28mm, 35mm Curtain Pole, Rosewood

Rolls Woodline 28mm and 35mm Wood Curtain Pole in a Rosewood finish with traditional style finials.
A traditional English style wood curtain pole comfortable in both modern and traditional settings at an affordable price.

* Available in 28mm and 35mm diameters.
* Available in 6 colour finishes, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Black, Rosewood, Cream and White.
* Curtain poles are supplied complete with all fittings including rings, brackets and finials.
* Curtain poles of 2.4m and above are supplied in 2 pieces with an extra bracket.
* Curtain pole can be easily trimmed to size.
* Matching holdbacks and extra rings are available to purchase.

If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket

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28mm x 1.2m long - 10100R/120/RW

28mm x 1.5m long - 10100R/150/RW

28mm x 1.8m long - 10100R/180/RW

28mm x 2.4m long - 10100R/240/RW

28mm x 3.0m long - 10100R/300/RW

28mm x 3.6m long - 10100R/360/RW

35mm x 1.2m long - 10101R/120/RW

35mm x 1.5m long - 10101R/150/RW

35mm x 1.8m long - 10101R/180/RW

35mm x 2.4m long - 10101R/240/RW

35mm x 3.0m long - 10101R/300/RW

35mm x 3.6m long - 10101R/360/RW

Sample - 8491/SAMPLE
28mm x 2.0m long - 10100R/200/RW

35mm x 2.0m long - 10101R/200/RW

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