Rolls Honister 28mm & 35mm Wood Curtain Pole, Unfinished

Rolls Honister 28mm & 35mm Wood Curtain Pole, Unfinished

Rolls Honister 28mm & 35mm Wood Curtain Pole Unfinished. Inspired by the earthy colours of Cumbria's Honister Pass, the Honister range of six natural colours and an Unfinished option is designed to complement the fabrics and interiors of today. A stunning curtain pole unfinished ready for painting, staining or leaving natural.
Honister uses FSC accredited wood to create and easy to fit complete curtain pole set.

* Available in 28mm, 35mm and 50mm diameters.
* Available in 6 colour finishes, Linen White, French Grey, Stone, Truffle, Pale Slate and Cafe Latte.
* Also available Unfinished, ready to paint, stain or leave natural.
* Curtain poles are supplied complete with all fittings including rings, brackets and finials.
* Curtain poles of 2.4m and above are supplied in 2 pieces with an extra bracket.
* Curtain pole can be easily trimmed to size.
* Matching holdbacks, recess brackets and extra rings are available to purchase.
* Please note that poles are spliced, and long lengths are made from smaller pieces of wood joined together, this is a natural product and colours may vary slightly between components.

If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket.

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28mm x 1.2m long - UF28UN/120

28mm x 1.5m long - UF28UN/150

28mm x 1.8m long - UF28UN/180

28mm x 2.0m long - UF28UN/200

28mm x 2.4m long - UF28UN/240

28mm x 3.0m long - UF28UN/300

28mm x 3.6m long - UF28UN/360

35mm x 1.2m long - UF35UN/120

35mm x 1.5m long - UF35UN/150

35mm x 1.8m long - UF35UN/180

35mm x 2.0m long - UF35UN/200

35mm x 2.4m long - UF35UN/240

35mm x 3.0m long - UF35UN/300

35mm x 3.6m long - UF35UN/360

Sample - 24131/SAMPLE
35mm x 4.0m long - UF35UN/400
Order 2 x UF35UN/200, need to send joining screw from JSI

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