Jones Interiors, Curtain Poles & Accessories

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Jones Interiors Curtain Poles and Curtain Tracks, Tiebacks and Trimmings. Here you will find the following ranges: Jones lunar 28mm, Jones Florentine 50mm &; 63mm, Jones Hardwick 40mm ; 50mm, Jones Royale 28mm &; 45mm, Jones Cathedral 30mm, Jones Meteor 35mm, Jones Vector Curtain Tracks.
In This department you will find Jones curtain poles, Curtain Tracks and accessories from Jones interiors of Nottingham.
Jones interiors is a family run business since 1909 and pride themselves on quality and value for money, but also offer reliable products.

We supply a large range of Jones curtain Poles and Curtain Rods many with supporting co-ordinated accessories. Whether you choose classic or contemporary wood, prefer brass or urban chic metals the Jones range of curtain poles remain comprehensive and affordable.
With varied colours and styles ranging from pared down modern pieces to rich glossy contemporary finishes. Most of the Jones curtain poles and finials are sold separately meaning you can be brave, think big and compliment your own style schemes.