Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track System

Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track System
Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track Systems.
The Silent gliss Electrically operated curtain tracks are ideal for very high curtains or curtains that are out of reach and essential for audio-visual and conference rooms.
A Silent Gliss electric curtain track is an excellent way to add security and luxury to your window treatments for home or office. The Silent Gliss timer system and the light activated system mean that curtains are opened and closed even when you are away, giving the appearance of occupants when the propery is vacant. Electric curtain track operation is the technology of the future as it guarantees comfortable and efficient operation. The Silent Gliss electric track has the same reliability as a hand operated corded curtain track but gives security, luxury and ease of use. We also have advanced electric curtain track systems that can be bent for bay windows, with a maximum of two bends.
Silent Gliss has more than 40 years experience with electrical curtain tracks. We offer solutions for single curtain tracks and multiple curtain tracks.

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