Silent Gliss Metropole 50mm, 6140 Silver, Flush End Cap

Silent Gliss Metropole 50mm, 6140 Silver, Flush End Cap

Silent Gliss Metropole 50mm Uncorded Hand Operated curtain pole in Silver finish with Flush End Cap finials. The Metropole 6140 is a sophisticated and stylish, hand operated contemporary curtain pole set made from aluminium. The Metropole functions like a curtain track but has the appearance of a curtain pole. The pole features nylon gliders that run in siliconised aluminium channels unhindered by brackets or rings.
Silent Gliss Metropole curtain poles are supplied with the new Smart Fix brackets. This new bracket design includes magnetic metal covers which are easy to fit and elegantly hide the screws. The covers are now metal which makes them more robust and ensures a correct colour match across the cover plate, bracket and the system as a whole.

* Wall or ceiling fix available. (Ceiling fixing will require an alternative bracket with a downstand to allow for some finials.)
* All brackets match the colour of pole.
* Available in lengths up to 6 metres.
* Suitable for heavy weight curtains.
* Suitable for bay windows using the bending service available, see related products.
* Suitable for use with Wave curtain heading system, see link below.
* Alternative brackets styles are available, please contact us for information and a quote.
* Available is a collection of beautifully crafted finials, midials and holdbacks to co-ordinate individual styling and tastes.
* 50mm Metropoles can be corded.
* Curtain pole can easily be cut to exact length required using a small hacksaw, alternatively we can cut it to length for you at no extra charge, please state at time of ordering. We are not responsible for measurements given to us in error.

This product is Made to Measure/Order, (Please See Terms and Conditions). Please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.
If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket.

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1.25m long - 6140/125/FEC/S

1.50m long - 6140/150/FEC/S

1.75m long - 6140/175/FEC/S

2.00m long - 6140/200/FEC/S

2.25m long - 6140/225/FEC/S

2.50m long - 6140/250/FEC/S

2.75m long - 6140/275/FEC/S

3.00m long - 6140/300/FEC/S

3.25m long - 6140/325/FEC/S

3.50m long - 6140/350/FEC/S

3.75m long - 6140/375/FEC/S

4.00m long - 6140/400/FEC/S

4.25m long - 6140/425/FEC/S

4.50m long - 6140/450/FEC/S

4.75m long - 6140/475/FEC/S

5.00m long - 6140/500/FEC/S

5.25m long - 6140/525/FEC/S

5.50m long - 6140/550/FEC/S

5.75m long - 6140/575/FEC/S

6.00m long - 6140/600/FEC/S

Sample - 25673/SAMPLE

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