Silent Gliss 80mm Wave Glider Heading Supplement

Silent Gliss 80mm Wave Glider Heading Supplement

Silent Gliss 80mm Wave Glider Heading is compatible with Silent Gliss Metropole 30mm and 50mm, Silent Gliss Metroflat and the Silent Gliss 3840 track. Contact us for a price on 60mm wave or Roller Glider wave supplement.

What makes Wave™ so unique?
~ The smooth wave effect is always maintained whether the curtains are open or closed.
~ The system is designed so that the curtains remain in the wave effect from the moment they are dressed.
~ The Wave™ heading stacks back neatly, taking up less space than traditional pleated headings.
~ The glider-cord is not visible when the curtain is fully closed.
~ The simple, yet stylish design makes the curtains easier to make up.
~ Depending on the fullness selected Wave can be more economical than more traditional curtains.

How does Wave™ work?
~ A specially designed glider-cord is contained within the curtain track. This glider-cord limits the
extension of the curtain fabric, creating a smooth and continuous wave effect. When opened, the system enables the curtains to stack back neatly and straight.

* Also available to purchase is the wave tape heading, this is to be used in conjunction with the wave system and attached to the top of the curtains when made up.
** This product can only be purchased when purchasing a Silent Gliss track or pole.

Please note Made to Measure Terms apply.

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1.25m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/125

1.50m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/150

1.75m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/175

2.00m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/200

2.25m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/225

2.50m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/250

2.75m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/275

3.00m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/300

3.25m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/325

3.50m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/350

3.75m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/375

4.00m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/400

4.25m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/425

4.50m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/450

4.75m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/475

5.00m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/500

5.25m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/525

5.50m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/550

5.75m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/575

6.00m long (80mm wave) - Waveheading80/600

1.25m long (60mm wave) - Waveheading60/125

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