Silent Gliss 6370 Corded Heavy Duty Curtain Track Silver

Silent Gliss 6370 Corded Heavy Duty Curtain Track Silver

Silent Gliss 6370 Corded Heavy Duty Curtain Track Silver.  The Silent Gliss 6370 Corded Curtain Track is a discreet heavy duty track with twin channel for infinite overlap. The 6370 track is a cost effective system for very heavy weight curtains in contract and domestic applications such as small stages, conference rooms, sports halls etc.  Ideal and widely used in hotels, schools and hospitals.

* The 6370 curtain track is Satin Silver anodised aluminium.
* Ideal for contract use or heavy domestic use.
* Heavy curtains up to 70kg and width up to 15m.
* Simple direct fixing, ceiling fix preferred.
* Standard cord drop 3.0m with right hand pull.
* Available lengths from 3.0m up to 15.0m.
* Curtain track is supplied complete with all fittings and installation instructions.
* Curtain track can be bent using a special manufacturers machine, making it suitable for bay windows and straight runs - see related links.

** 6370 track cannot be bent by hand.
Please note this is a Made to Measure product, please see Terms and Conditions.
Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

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3.00m long - 6370S/300

3.50m long - 6370S/350

4.00m long - 6370S/400

4.50m long - 6370S/450

5.00m long - 6370S/500

5.50m long - 6370S/550

6.00m long - 6370S/600

6.50m long - 6370S/650

7.00m long - 6370S/700

7.50m long - 6370S/750

8.00m long - 6370S/800

8.50m long - 6370S/850

9.00m long - 6370S/900

9.50m long - 6370S/950

10.00m long - 6370S/1000

10.50m long - 6370S/1050

11.00m long - 6370S/1100

11.50m long - 6370S/1150

12.00m long - 6370S/1200

12.50m long - 6370S/1250

13.00m long - 6370S/1300

13.50m long - 6370S/1350

14.00m long - 6370S/1400

14.50m long - 6370S/1450

15.00m long - 6370S/1500

roller gliders x 1 pack of 10 - 6098/10.

spring stop x each - 6086
Sample - 15516/SAMPLE

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