Silent Gliss 5100TC New Autoglide Electric Curtain Track, Total Control, White

Silent Gliss 5100TC New Autoglide Electric Curtain Track, Total Control, White

Silent Gliss 5100 New Autoglide Electric Curtain Track in White with Total Control, including Remote, Timer allowing pre-programmed opening and closing times and wall switch.  The new electric curtain track system, Silent Gliss 5100 keeps its promise to deliver a functional and reliable solution which offers a great degree of convenience.  Motorised curtain tracks allow you to control your curtains at the touch of a button, combining a touch of luxury with an excellent deterrent to intruders. With Silent Gliss 5100 let your curtains look after themselves – and your home. Through the consistent refinement of Silent Gliss 5100, the engineers have succeeded in developing a noticeably quieter system that envelopes its comprehensive range of technical features within a strikingly elegant design.

* The Autoglide 5100 is available in four system options, Standard Wall Switch, Remote Control, Timer Unit and Total Control.
* The electric curtain track system Silent Gliss 5100 can control curtains with a drop of up to 9 metres and weight up to 25 kilogrammes.
* The Touch & Go feature enables simple and intuitive operation, while the integrated Manual Override ensures the necessary safety and convenience in the event of a power failure.
* The motor is discretely tucked away in a stylish metal housing.
* Silent Gliss 5100 could not be easier to install: the system can be fitted to the wall or suspended from the ceiling.
* Silent Gliss 5100 is also compatible with the superb Wave curtain system.
* The Silent Gliss Autoglide track system with remote control handset, timer unit and standard wall switch is supplied complete with all fittings and instructions.
* Can be made to a specific size required and bent to suit bay windows, please contact us for a quote.

Please note this is a Made to Measure product. Please see Terms and Conditions.
Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

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1.0m long Top Fix - 5100TC/100

1.5m long Top Fix - 5100TC/150

2.0m long Top Fix - 5100TC/200

2.5m long Top Fix - 5100TC/250

3.0m long Top Fix - 5100TC/300

3.5m long Top Fix - 5100TC/350

4.0m long Top Fix - 5100TC/400

4.5m long Top Fix - 5100TC/450

5.0m long Top Fix - 5100TC/500

1.0m long Face Fix - 5100TC/100F

1.5m long Face Fix - 5100TC/150F

2.0m long Face Fix - 5100TC/200F

2.5m long Face Fix - 5100TC/250F

3.0m long Face Fix - 5100TC/300F

3.5m long Face Fix - 5100TC/350F

4.0m long Face Fix - 5100TC/400F

4.5m long Face Fix - 5100TC/450F

5.0m long Face Fix - 5100TC/500F

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