Silent Gliss 1280 Curtain Track White

Silent Gliss 1280 Curtain Track White

Silent Gliss 1280 Track White, hand operated, excellent performance due to the use of roller gliders. Strong and elegant, suitable for domestic and contract use.

* Standard white colour.
* Ceiling or wall fixing.
* Available in sizes up to 6.0m.
* Supplied with all fittings and instructions.
* Extra gliders can be purchased in packs of 20.
* Track can be bent using a special manufacturers machine, making it suitable for bay windows and straight runs - See related links. Cannot be bent by hand.

If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket.

Please note this is a Made to Measure product. Please see Terms and Conditions.
Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.

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1.25m long - 1280W/125

1.50m long - 1280W/150

1.75m long - 1280W/175

2.00m long - 1280W/200

2.25m long - 1280W/225

2.50m long - 1280W/250

2.75m long - 1280W/275

3.00m long - 1280W/300

3.25m long - 1280W/325

3.50m long - 1280W/350

3.75m long - 1280W/375

4.00m long - 1280W/400

4.25m long - 1280W/425

4.75m long - 1280W/475

4.50m long - 1280W/450

5.00m long - 1280W/500

5.25m long - 1280W/525

5.50m long - 1280W/550

5.75m long - 1280W/575

6.00m long - 1280W/600

end stops - 1280
Sample - 2505/SAMPLE

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