Silent Gliss 1080 Curtain Track White

Silent Gliss 1080 Curtain Track White

Silent Gliss 1080 in White, a versatile, sturdy hand-operated curtain track for domestic or contract use, particularly suited for deep curtain headings.

* Available in 2 standard colours, satin silver and white, and 4 special finishes, bronze, gold, black and cream.
* Ceiling or wall fix.
* Available in sizes up to 6.0m.
* Supplied with all fittings and instructions.
* 1080 Track can be bent using a special manufacturers machine, making it suitable for bay windows and straight runs - See related links. Cannot be bent by hand.

If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket.

Please note this is a Made to Measure product. Please see Terms and Conditions.
Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.

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1.25m long - 1080W/125

1.50m long - 1080W/150

1.75m long - 1080W/175

2.00m long - 1080W/200

2.25m long - 1080W/225

2.50m long - 1080W/250

2.75m long - 1080W/275

3.00m long - 1080W/300

3.25m long - 1080W/325

3.50m long - 1080W/350

3.75m long - 1080W/375

4.00m long - 1080W/400

4.25m long - 1080W/425

4.50m long - 1080W/450

4.75m long - 1080W/475

5.00m long - 1080W/500

5.25m long - 1080W/525

5.50m long - 1080W/550

5.75m long - 1080W/575

6.00m long - 1080W/600

Sample - 2490/SAMPLE

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