Rufflette 36mm Jupiter Eyelet Rings

Rufflette 36mm Jupiter Eyelet Rings

Rufflette 36mm Jupiter rings are easy to use and provide a decorative effect. The rings can be used on all fabrics from light weight voiles to thicker heavy weight fabrics due to a special ratchet system that holds the fabric firmly in place. They can be used in conjunction with Rufflette Solar Tape, where drawcords and markers placed along the tape indicate the correct starting and finishing point. The precut holes for the rings continue to provide a neat finish without fraying. Alternatively, the rings can be used without the tape for customising blinds or creating stylish café curtains.

Dual function ring to be used with Rufflette Solar tape or directly onto fabric.

Can be used on poles up to 28mm diameter.

The long spikes on the inside of the ring grip the fabric for extra hold.

Easily removable for cleaning.

Ratchet system allows you to use Jupiter rings on light to heavy weight fabric.

Available in various colours.

Sold in packs of 36.

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Honey Gold - 3021307
Matt Nickel - 3021309
White - 3021310
Old Rose - 5500474
Ant Copper - 3021312
Olive - 3021313
Brass - 3021314
Chrome - 3021315
Rustic Red - 5500479
Denim - 5500480
Brushed Steel - 3021318
Sample Tube - 5500485

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