Rolls Museum 35mm, 45mm Greystone Curtain Pole, Vienna Finial

Rolls Museum 35mm, 45mm Greystone Curtain Pole, Vienna Finial

Rolls Museum 35mm and 45mm wood curtain pole in a Greystone finish with Vienna finials. Rolls Museum 35mm, 45mm and 55mm Wood curtain pole collection is a hand finished classic from Hallis Hudson. With elegance and style the Museum Range is a beautiful collection of hand crafted wooden curtain poles with an outstanding choice of traditional and modern colour finishes.  The finials are elegant and classical in design with flawless detail and will compliment any distinguished and sophisticated decor scheme.
Museum … brings rare craftsmanship to the modern era and is lovingly hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen in the UK.

* Curtain poles are available in 35mm, 45mm and 55mm diameter.
* Curtain pole sets are sold complete with all fittings, fixings and fitting instructions.
* Complete pole sets include rings, finials and cup brackets.
* Curtain poles of 3.0m and above are sold in 2 pieces with a hidden joining screw and a centre bracket.
* Museum 45mm and 55mm curtain poles are available corded.
* Recess brackets are available to purchase separately.
* Extra rings are available to purchase separately.
* All curtain poles can be made to exact size required with no extra charge. Please advise exact length in comments box at checkout, clearly stating if measurements are including or excluding finials. (Please note these are non- returnable once cut to length, we are not responsible for measurements given to us in error.)

Made to Measure Terms apply to all Rolls Museum products, please see Terms and Conditions.
If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket.

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35mm x 1.2m long - 20281R/120

35mm x 1.8m long - 20281R/180

35mm x 3.0m long - 20281R/300

45mm x 1.8m long - 20288R/180

45mm x 2.4m long - 20288R/240

45mm x 3.0m long - 20288R/300

35mm x 3.6m long - 20281R/360

45mm x 3.6m long - 20288R/360

45mm x 4.2m long - 20288R/420

Sample - 12126/SAMPLE

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