Resina Curtain Pole 47mm Wood Artichoke Walnut, Gilt

Resina Curtain Pole 47mm Wood Artichoke Walnut, Gilt

Resina Traditional Wood 47mm curtain pole in a Walnut and Gilt finish with Artichoke finials. All curtain poles are hand-waxed to a natural soft satin sheen.
All Resina hardwood poles (Ash included) are sourced and finished in the UK and all are taken from sustainable and managed resources.

* Available in 47mm diameter. Also available in 65mm upon request.
* Curtain poles are supplied complete with all fittings, including finials, brackets and fitting instructions.
* Available in lengths up to 6.0m.
* Curtain poles of 2.4m above are supplied in two pieces and include a joining screw & centre bracket.
* Curtain poles of 4.6m and above are supplied with 5 brackets, it is recommended that 5 are used to prevent warping of the pole. (These are not passover brackets.)
* Matching holdbacks, recess brackets and brass brackets are available to purchase.
* Can be corded upon request contact us for a quote.
* Gold or Silver highlights can be specified. Please state in comments box when ordering.

Please note Made to Measure Terms apply on all Resina products. Please allow 10 to 14 working days for delivery.
If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket.

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47mm x 1.2m long - AC0001/120/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 1.5m long - AC0001/150/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 1.8m long - AC0001/180/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 2.1m long - AC0001/210/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 2.4m long - AC0001/240/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 2.7m long - AC0001/270/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 3.0m long - AC0001/300/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 3.3m long - AC0001/330/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 3.6m long - AC0001/360/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 4.0m long - AC0001/400/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 1.2m long - AC0058/120/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 1.5m long - AC0058/150/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 1.8m long - AC0058/180/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 2.1m long - AC0058/210/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 2.4m long - AC0058/240/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 2.7m long - AC0058/270/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 3.0m long - AC0058/300/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 3.3m long - AC0058/330/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 3.6m long - AC0058/360/walnuth/gilt
65mm x 4.0m long - AC0058/400/walnuth/gilt
47mm x 4.2m long - AC0001/420/walnuth/gilt
PS47/420x1 B19-47x3 F115-47x2 R65x42 walnut half gilt finials
47mm x 4.8m long - AC0001/480/walnuth/gilt
PS47/480x1 B19-47x5 F115-47x2 R65x48 walnut half gilt finials
47mm x 6.0m long - AC0001/600/walnuth/gilt
PS47/600x1 B19-47x5 F115-47x2 R65x60 walnut half gilt finials
65mm x 4.2m long - AC0058/420/walnuth/gilt
PS65/420x1 B19-65x3 F115-65x2 R75x42 walnut half gilt finials
65mm x 4.8m long - AC0058/480/walnuth/gilt
PS65/480x1 B19-65x5 F115-65x2 R75x48 walnut half gilt finials
65mm x 6.0m long - AC0058/600/walnuth/gilt
PS65/600x1 B19-65x5 F115-65x2 R75x60 walnut half gilt finials
Sample - 3530/SAMPLE

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