Renaissance Vintage 40mm, 50mm Wood Curtain Pole Cherry, Peardrop

Renaissance Vintage 40mm, 50mm Wood Curtain Pole Cherry, Peardrop

Renaissance Vintage 40mm & 50mm Wood Curtain Pole in Cherry with Peardrop finials. A unique distressed antique style curtain pole made from Solid Beech, which is a close-grained hardwood that is less likely to warp.
The curtain pole is carefully “knocked around a little” to form dents that give a very convincing woodworm aged-antique effect. This curtain pole set is ideal for a cottage style home in the country and more traditional settings adding charm and character to complete your window decor.

* Available in 40mm and 50mm diameters.
* A selection of unique antique finishes to choose from.
* Three stylish finials available.
* Curtain poles are supplied complete with fittings including cup brackets, rings and finials.
* Lengths available up to 4.8m.
* Curtain poles of 3.0m and above are supplied in 2 pieces with an extra bracket.
* Matching holdbacks and extra rings are available to purchase.

Please note Made to Measure Terms apply. Please allow 5 to 7 working days for delivery.
If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket.

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40mm x 1.5m long - 02V415PC
Vintage 40mm x 1.5m peardrop cherry
40mm x 1.8m long - 02V418PC
Vintage 40mm x 1.8m peardrop cherry
40mm x 2.1m long - 02V421PC
Vintage 40mm x 2.1m peardrop cherry
40mm x 2.4m long - 02V424PC
Vintage 40mm x 2.4m peardrop cherry
40mm x 3.0m long - 02V430PC
Vintage 40mm x 3.0m peardrop cherry
40mm x 3.6m long - 02V436PC
Vintage 40mm x 3.6m peardrop cherry
40mm x 4.2m long - 02V442PC
Vintage 40mm x 4.2m peardrop cherry
40mm x 4.8m long - 02V448PC
Vintage 40mm x 4.8m peardrop cherry
50mm x 1.5m long - 02V515PC
Vintage 50mm x 1.5m peardrop cherry
50mm x 1.8m long - 02V518PC
Vintage 50mm x 1.8m peardrop cherry
50mm x 2.1m long - 02V521PC
Vintage 50mm x 2.1m peardrop cherry
50mm x 2.4m long - 02V524PC
Vintage 50mm x 2.4m peardrop cherry
50mm x 3.0m long - 02V530PC
Vintage 50mm x 3.0m peardrop cherry
50mm x 3.6m long - 02V536PC
Vintage 50mm x 3.6m peardrop cherry
50mm x 4.2m long - 02V542PC
Vintage 50mm x 4.2m peardrop cherry
50mm x 4.8m long - 02V548PC
Vintage 50mm x 4.8m peardrop cherry
Sample - 6466/SAMPLE

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