Renaissance Professional Large Curved Curtain Track, Antique Brass

Renaissance Professional Large Curved Curtain Track, Antique Brass

Renaissance Professional Large Curved Aluminium Curtain Track in Antique Brass.  A stylish and strong curved profile give an elegant look to this curtain track which is suitable for domestic and many contract applications.

* Available in nine colours.
* Suitable for domestic and many contract applications.
* Lengths available up to 12.0m.
* Curtain tracks of 3.0m and above are supplied in 2 pieces with a joiner.
* Curtain tracks are supplied complete with all fittings including wall fix brackets and instructions.
* Can be purchased with the Surge wave heading to give a stunning, contemporary finish.
* For the Surge kit normal gliders are replaced with gliders on a string for use with the Surge heading.

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1.0m long - 16CK100Q

1.5m long - 16CK150Q

2.0m long - 16CK200Q

2.5m long - 16CK250Q
Direct delivery
3.0m long - 16CK300Q
4.0m long - 16CK400Q
5.0m long - 16CK500Q
Direct delivery 
6.0m long - 16CK600Q
Direct delivery 
1.0m long Surge - 16CW100Q
1.5m long Surge - 16CW150Q
2.0m long Surge - 16CW200Q
2.5m long Surge - 16CW250Q
Direct delivery 
3.0m long Surge - 16CW300Q

4.0m long Surge - 16CW400Q
5.0m long Surge - 16CW500Q
Direct delivery 
6.0m long Surge - 16CW600Q
Direct delivery 
8.0m long - 16CK800Q
Direct delivery 
10.0m long - 16C1000Q
Direct delivery 
12.0m long - 16CK1200Q
Direct delivery 
8.0m long Surge - 16CW800Q
Direct delivery 
10.0m long Surge - 16CW1000Q
Direct delivery 
12.0m long Surge - 16CW1200Q
Direct delivery 
Sample - 22955/SAMPLE
White Gliders 1 x pack of 20 - 16HSSGKW-20/.
only send 20 single gliders
Surge Gliders 60mm x per metre - 16HS60GLST/.
Surge Gliders 80mm x per metre - 16HS80GLST/.

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