Integra Tension Net Rod

Integra Tension Net Rod

Integra Tension Net Rod, strong extendable white steel with rubber end grips allowing it to be fitted inside the recess without drilling or brackets.
Available in 5 sizes.
Extra support supplied in the largest size.
Sold in singles.

Centre supports are available to purchase, we would recommend these if the rods are fully extended.

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0.4m - 0.6m long - SLN00016(per item)
0.5m - 0.9m long - SLN00022(per item)
0.9m - 1.5m long - SLN00036(per item)
1.2m - 2.1m long - SLN00048(per item)
1.9m - 2.5m long - SLN00072(per item)

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