Advent 47mm Painted Wood Curtain Pole Ebony, Leaf & Berry

Advent 47mm Painted Wood Curtain Pole Ebony, Leaf & Berry

Advent 47mm Painted Wood Curtain Pole in Ebony with Leaf & Berry finials. A stunning, traditional painted curtain pole from Advent offering the ultimate in versatility and will fit within almost any scheme or style of property, from townhouses to country cottages or a city apartment. Advent painted poles with their soft, muted tones will blend seamlessly in a grand or more modest setting. Advent paint their poles by hand in many layers to build up sufficient depth onto their hardwood poles. Advent has deliberately chosen not to use any cellulose based products, preferring to utilise more natural, water based alternatives giving a traditional distinct character.

* A collection of intricately designed finials available. Most designs are available in the 35mm & 47mm diameter.
* All Hand Crafted in the UK Studio with Hardwood poles sourced in the UK.
* Curtain poles are supplied complete with all fittings including wood cup brackets and rings.
* Gold or Silver highlights can be specified. (Additional surcharge will apply.)
* 47mm curtain poles may also be TRACKED to allow a corded curtain pole, please contact us for a quote.
* 47mm curtain poles of 3.3m and above are supplied in 2 equal lengths.
* Available in 6 traditional paint colours, Pure White, Somerset White, Cornish Mist, Natural Linen, Hemp and Ebony.
* BESPOKE in addition to the above colours these can also be painted from manufactures such as; Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Zoffany & Dulux Trade, please contact us for a quote.
* Available with Wood or Metal Brackets, metal brackets available in Polished or Antique Brass and Chrome (47mm only.)
* Matching holdbacks, extra rings, brackets, and recess brackets are available to purchase.
* Curtain Poles can be cut to any specific length upon request at no extra charge. (Made to Measure terms apply, please double check your measurements prior to ordering as this cannot be changed or altered once production has started.)
* Available up to 6.0m in length, poles of 4.8m and above will be supplied with 5 brackets. These are not passing brackets.

If you are unsure of colour or finish please request a sample, this will then be added to the basket.
Please note Made to Measure Terms apply on all Advent products. Please allow 10-14 working days for delivery.

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1.2m long - AC0055/120/Ebony
PS47/120x1 B19-47x2 F40-47x2 R65x12 ebony
1.5m long - AC0055/150/Ebony
PS47/150x1 B19-47x2 F40-47x2 R65x16 ebony
1.8m long - AC0055/180/Ebony
PS47/180x1 B19-47x2 F40-47x2 R65x18 ebony
2.1m long - AC0055/210/Ebony
PS47/210x1 B19-47x2 F40-47x2 R65x22 ebony
2.4m long - AC0055/240/Ebony
PS47/240x1 B19-47x3 F40-47x2 R65x24 ebony
3.0m long - AC0055/300/Ebony
PS47/300x1 B19-47x3 F40-47x2 R65x30 ebony
3.3m long - AC0055/330/Ebony
PS47/330x1 B19-47x3 F40-47x2 R65x34 ebony
3.6m long - AC0055/360/Ebony
PS47/360x1 B19-47x3 F40-47x2 R65x36 ebony
4.0m long - AC0055/400/Ebony
PS47/400x1 B19-47x3 F40-47x2 R65x40 ebony
4.2m long - AC0055/420/Ebony
PS47/420x1 B19-47x3 F40-47x2 R65x42 ebony
4.8m long - AC0055/480/Ebony
PS47/480x1 B19-47x5 F40-47x2 R65x48 ebony
6.0m long - AC0055/600/Ebony
PS47/600x1 B19-47x5 F40-47x2 R65x60 ebony
2.7m long - AC0055/270/Ebony
PS47/270x1 B19-47x3 F40-47x2 R65x28 ebony
Sample - 4370/SAMPLE

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