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Bay windows

Bay Window Help and Advice

At Justpoles we understand that bay windows albeit wonderful are not the easiest windows to dress. Please read advice carefully when choosing the right product for your window and needs.

Over the years we have gained experience with windows of all sizes and shapes, on our site you can find something to suit all types of bay windows. Please note that any advice given is purely our opinion based on our experience. The descision to purchase is then yours not ours.

Pre-packed bay window curtain poles

A pre-packed bay window curtain pole is usually a full kit comprising of curtain poles, brackets, passing brackets, c-rings (passing rings), finials and corner joints. These are normally sold in set sizes and have to be cut down according to the size of you bay window. If you are unsure of measurements please contact us for further advise.

Bay window curtain poles sold in component form (also known as mix and match pole sets)

Some of our curtain poles on site are sold in component form, this allows you to choose the correct items for the size of your window. With these pole sets you have to work out the lengths of pole you need, how many brackets, passing brackets, rings, c-rings (passing rings) finials and corner joints required. If you are unsure of measurements please contact us for further advice.

Bay window curtain poles and curtain tracks made to meaure/order

At Justpoles we specialise in our bespoke bending service for bay windows. Silent Gliss curtain tracks and poles can be bent to suit bay windows of all types. Here we have a fully trained experienced Silent Gliss bay window expert whom is also preferred supplier of Silent Gliss products in the UK. 
When choosing a Silent Gliss product we ask you to use the measuring guides below and send them to us by email. Let us know which product you are interested in and we will then input the measurements into the Silent Gliss programme to check the angles and sides of the bay window to check these all look ok. if there are any discrepancies we will contact you asking you to check them. Once this has been checked we can work out a price for you.
If you decide to go ahead with the order we will email you a plan of the bay window template for you to check and approve. Please note any measurements given to us in error is your responsibility not ours. we do our upmost to check all details thoroughly, therefore it is important that the measurements are double checked before placing an order.

We have put this information together purely to help customers choose the right product for the right purpose. If in doubt please call us to discuss further on 0191 584 9002.

Things to consider when choosing your bay window curtain track or pole:

  • Do you require a functional curtain pole that is going to be used every day? 
    If so it is our opinion that the Silent Gliss products are the best option. As these have gliders that run along the bottom of the pole or track there is no interference with brackets or corner joints allowing the curtains to run smoothly and effortlessly around your bay window.
  • If you are only looking for a curtain pole to dress the room, looks good and occasionally close the curtains?
    If so any of the pre-packed pole systems or mix and match pole sets will be ok. With these poles sets you will have a number of components ie: poles, brackets, passing brackets, c-rings and corner joints.  When the curtains are hung the downward pull of the curtain pole will keep the c-ring in position whilst passing the passing bracket. However due to the nature of these products the rings occasionally bunch and need a gently tapping to pass the c-ring past the passing bracket. This is also the same when pulling the curtains around the corner joints the rings will need gentle persuasion when opening and closing the curtains. This is NOT a design fault this is the nature of the product. These are a really popular choice with our customers and 99% of them are happy with the product however if you have high ceilings they may not be the best product for your interior.
  • Can you reach curtain pole easily when closing the curtains? 
    If not then a pre-packed pole is not the best option. Due to the points above you will need to be able to reach the pole to gently tap the rings past the brackets and around the corners, therefore in rooms with high ceilings again we would recommend Silent Gliss as the best option. If your ceiling height is extremely high then we would also recommend using draw rods to open an close the curtains. The curtains are easiest to close when pulling along with the heading rather than half way down the curtain. Draw rods also reduce the chance of soiling delicate and sometimes expensive curtains by grabbing the fabric to close them.
  • Do you have a budget to keep within?
    Pre-packed bay poles are the cheapest option by far but may not suit every interior due to room height and the size or shape of your bay.
    The mix and match pole sets are more expensive than the pre-packed pole sets, but they offer more flexibility with sizes allowing you to create any shape you require by cutting the pole lengths individually to suit your bay.
    The Silent Gliss products are the most expensive solution for the bay windows, but once fitted they are worth the investment. Please note  these are made-to-measure/order and will arrive bent ready to fit straight into your bay.  If measurements are supplied in error these cannot be returned. We have a fully trained Silent Gliss expert here at Justpoles that is able to check measurements on the Silent Gliss programme and will help with any queries you may have about these products.
  • Can I use eyelet curtains around a bay window?
    This is a question we get asked Daily, We recommend all bay poles need a bracket to support the corners in the window as this is the poles weakest point. As it is impossible to have an eyelet pass a bracket then a bay pole is not suitable for eyelet curtains. However there are a couple of ranges on site that have notched corners on the pole itself, this alllows you to take an eyelet around the corner smoothly but we still feel this pole should have support on the bends. If your bay is only small then you may be able to put 2 brackets to strengthen the outside edge of the bay and not use support in the corner, but this is at your own risk and not something we would recommend. This may be ok if you only want to dress the window and not use the pole daily therefore it could be an option. however there is the wave system to consider. This has been developed by Silent Gliss to form a uniform fold and achieve the same look as an eyelet curtain. The Wave system can be used inside the 3840 track, 30mm & 50mm Metropoles and also the 36mm Metroflat. if you would like more informtion on the Wave please contact us.

If you have any queries with the above information please do not hesitate to contact us, again this is only our opinion.
To Help you measure your bay window please use our Measuring Guide.